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People love to train with me because I am one of you...

I was so happy building the right career trajectory, working in an MNC at a reasonable level, drawing a high salary package, and my life seemed so great. But, I was still missing something that I wasn’t aware of: my own self, MY HEALTH. How I gained 10 plus kgs within a few months was quite shocking to me and was aiding to some health issues as well.


Finally, I understood the challenges of making my health a priority. To pursue that, I tried intermittent fasting, dieting of several kinds, wasted gym memberships fees, but nothing worked holistically and sustained. I took charge of it myself, spent months researching the best sustainable ways, and, I lost 11 kgs in only three months with just basic Yoga+HIIT, conscious eating habits, and without fasting.


Now I am a certified full-time Yoga & Fitness instructor, Mountaineer, and Nutritionist, helping people lose weight without dieting and spending a lot of time & money spent otherwise.


Practice Yoga Online
From Anywhere.

The hectic and high demanding jobs/routines have left us with very little time for ourselves and being a part of the race, we forget that we are important too. Secondly, post-pandemic, many things around and with us have changed drastically. People have switched to work from home, and, got accustomed to the process with minimal physical activity.


At Chitranjali Yoga, we are there for you! We make small batches to give personal attention, monitor your progress regularly to give guaranteed results. You are able to take classes from anywhere, as no excuse can stop you from being fit now.


Inner power,
Outer Beauty

Yoga is an ancient way of being fit, physically as well as mentally. And, being healthy is never only about how you look by lying to yourself with make-up on and lose cloths; it's about how healthy you feel internally. So, when Yoga is combined with HIIT, it becomes the holistic approach to feel fit, and, look beautiful naturally.

And, the holistic approach to long-term sustainable fitness is to work on your inner core health, as an expensive, beautiful car is nothing without a powerful engine.

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